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width=670 width=382Trip A

Chiang Dao Jungle River 



As the rains ease with the cool season and the hot dry season begins, during this time, the slowly receding water levels allow us to enter deep into the jungle and navigate through the lush and overgrown waterways of the northern Ping river.  With less rainfall the last 2 seasons we find now even in the rainy season we get to enjoy this river section. The creek like river winds itself through bamboo jungle and temperate forest presenting us with an intimate view of Northern Thai wilderness. This  Kayaking Trip north of Chiang Mai is a jewel in the crown of nature exploration. Away from the beaten path we slow to the earthy rhythm of this river.

Undisturbed woods. Overgrown banks with fallen trees reaching over and into the river we adhere to apparent chaos of nature and going with the flow .  The shade from  overhanging trees and cool water provide for a unique environment as we navigate the task at hand. Abundant bird life , fish jumping and mysterious sounds from the forest accompany us on our journey. Eagles, Kingfishers and Da ci deng (Red Eye) echoing through the forest with its distinct calling signs , Bird of Paradise, swallows , parakeets, elegant egrets seek refuge in these lush woods.



This is must for any nature lover. An experience one will want to share. Light Currents , flowing water and small rapids just to remind us we are kayaking,  help us on the way. For a seasoned kayaker this is a breeze, gliding through the tight turns , playing with the eddy lines .

A beginner will be introduced the stress free way to the maneuvers common to kayaking. Our instructors take every opportunity to make your trip more enjoyable and your entry into this fascinating sport an existing one.


small drops , great for starters

Daily Trip Schedule :
Hotel pickup/Return : 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.
Trip: Following the Ping River through Chiang Dao Jungle
Grade : Class 1+
Distance/Time : 17 km , 4+ hrs
Lessons in basic river kayaking provided, all safety equipment included.
Fully guided
Fitness level : good,  motivated beginners are welcome,
Lunch included , vegertarian ok.
Drinking water provided on the trip
Kayaks: Maneuverable Sit On Tops Kayaks and White Water Kayaks.
Bring change of clothes, sunscreen and a hat.

Bring your best friend







Enjoy our popular Jungle Kayak Trip but add an 1+ hr caving at Chiang Dao Cave, just minutes from our Kayaking Trip.

We join a private guided trip, away from the regular lit up path , climb through small passages, admire Stalactites in the many large rooms we cross.

Depending on water conditions we may choose a slightly shorter version of the regular trip to accommodate time to cave.


Feeding fish before entering the cave


Spectacular Entrance

On all four to get into the next room

deep in the cave system



A peaceful place


Kayak A in a Jackson kayak






Trip A



width=300 丛林皮划艇是清迈北部自然探险的首选

在热季干季开始时,水位会慢慢下降,使人们可以更深入地进入丛林探索北部Ping River丰富而茂盛的水道。小溪犹如河边的风一样穿过竹丛林以及森林,让我们有机会近距离的拥抱原始大自然。随着我们的探索,呈现出的是高大魁梧的树木和冰凉的河流,众多鸟儿穿越期间,鱼儿不时在水面中穿梭,神秘的森林之声将伴随着整个旅程。此丛林只适合在干季安全进入,不要错过了。 时间:早上8:00 – 下午5:30 行程:顺流南下穿越清道丛林 河流等级:1+级 距离/时间: 17公里,4-5小时 欢迎有学习动力的初学者 以前有皮划艇经验的话将会很有帮助, 将会在平稳的河流中提供课程 健康水平:好 皮划艇:可调整型平台艇(sit on tops kayaks)

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